Our client portfolio in the Banking and Finance practice area includes some of the most representative entities in the sector, covering financial institutions, banks, funds management companies, risk capital and other financial intermediaries.

With consolidated performance in this area spanning more than two decades, our partners bring together and establish a close relationship with clients and participate in transactions with economic impact, many of which require the creation of unique and tailor-made solutions.

Also in the field of Capital Markets, AFMA benefits from knowledge built up over many years of consultancy.

In this highly regulated sector, AFMA provides support to its national and international clients – listed companies, banks, operators, shareholders or other participants – in launching new financial products, financial transactions, investments, regulation, privatisations, Stock Exchange listing, takeover bids and IPOs or capital increases, the issue of financial instruments on national or international markets, and litigation and/or regulatory proceedings.

Other areas of expertise

Other areas of expertise

AFMA lawyers are also skilled in other areas, to support their clients regarding matters that also require thorough knowledge. They are prepared and able to advise on:

Industrial Property and Copyright

In the areas of Industrial Property and Copyright, AFMA provides consultancy on all matters in relation to patents, brands, copyright protection and related rights.


Since it was established, AFMA has followed the area of freight transport and express mail, both in terms of regulatory issues and fleet management and also regarding related air and port matters.

Sports, Gaming and Betting

At AFMA, we have lawyers with specific knowledge in Sports Law, Gaming and Betting, who can support clients in each sector at all stages, from the negotiation process to the completion of the business vehicle.

Public and Administrative Law

AFMA has advised a number of clients on public tender procedures, including, among others, preparation of tenders, statements in preliminary hearings and reactions to award decisions (complaints, hierarchical appeals and pre-contractual litigation).

Mutualism and Insurance

AFMA has vast experience in advising on governance and other matters of regulatory importance in the field of Mutualism, and also Insurance.