At AFMA, we continue to believe that free thinking and independence add value to the practice of law. In a globalised world where the balance is increasingly unstable, defending these values is crucial for responsible citizenship.

We are proud of our track record and intend to continue on the same path, loyal to our founding DNA: diverse knowledge, better legal advice.

Our Values

Free Thinking





Our history

Established in 1997, AFMA has accompanied the lives of many companies. On this journey, spanning over two decades, AFMA has created relationships which, in many cases, still exist and continue to grow.

Conceived and fit to provide a full service, AFMA has set up an experienced team, with consolidated knowledge in company law areas, which is able to provide legal counsel to its clients, always with a personalised perspective (offering tailor-made solutions).

We like to listen, to identify what the client needs and may not be able to express.

We know our clients’ business, whether national or international, and we accompany them in all aspects, offering effective and innovative solutions for their legal needs, in a business framework which is increasingly demanding, technology-based and multi-faceted.

In this context, we have grown steadily and intend to continue to provide an excellent service in the future and to merit the same trust from our clients.

Since 2016, AFMA has been the sole member in Portugal of Lexlink, an international network of lawyers acting in corporate legal practices, with its headquarters in Liechtenstein and with a presence in over 20 countries. AFMA also has a partnership with a firm in Madeira, QJF Sociedade de Advogados, with which it has undertaken several client projects.

Our culture

With competence and pragmatism, we find solutions for our clients; with ethics and proximity we create reliable and long-lasting relationships. We see our clients as partners and the practice of law as an effective tool to solidify partnerships, promote business and anticipate problems. Prevention is most effective.

We are an experienced and cohesive team with a proven track record in corporate law, and are prepared to advise clients with different profiles. We remain true to the principles that were at the heart of AFMA’s inception: free thinking and independence.

Our People
Our People
Our People

We make a difference by means of having a close contact with our clients. Only competence, combined with sound ethics, can provide a good service for the community. We want to make the best contribution, and, for that reason, we never forget the deontological rules that govern the exercise of our profession. If we see a conflict of interest we always refuse; however, when we accept a case, then our support is unconditional.

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